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If you like investing in stocks and hate cancer, then why not build wealth by investing in companies dedicated to fighting the disease?

Eric Shea Broadus, a cancer survivor and the founder of an investment advisory firm, draws on his decades of experience in the financial arena to help investors make money while supporting a great cause. Learn how to:

  • determine who to consult when making investment decisions;
  • identify publicly traded companies that are waging war against cancer;
  • evaluate investments based on key metrics;
  • establish and track investment goals.

Throughout the book, the author highlights why supporting companies that are seeking to fight, treat, and cure cancer is so important, as well as the lessons he learned battling cancer.

Companies dedicated to fighting cancer and bolstering the immune system are making a significant difference for millions of current and future cancer patients and have produced wonderful financial returns for many investment portfolios. Learn how to build a profitable portfolio consisting of oncology stocks, health insurance stocks, and real estate investment trusts related to cancer treatment with this guide.